This is the description of JA70 Linear Drain Shower Tray
If you know wedi shower system, then you must know our floor level tileable shower tray.
The tileable shower tray is a low-cost, easy-to-install waterproof base. There is no other wetroom tray on the market that is as easy to install as the JIT shower tray.Our shower tray can be easily to install for waterproof, used in the design of a wetroom for the home and suitable to be fixed to both timer and concrete floor. The shower tray is easily cut into any size or shape and forms a floor level, barrier-free panel ready to receive tiles with a preformed slope to the drain.

Shower Tray System components

①Linear Drain Shower tray
②Drain body
③40mm/50mm connectoin pipe
⑤Drain basket
⑦50-40mm Reducer
⑧JA70 Stainless Steel Support 600/700/900mm
⑨JA70 Stainless Steel Grate Support 600/700/900mm
⑩JA70 Stainless Steel Grate 600/700/900mm



Installation Information For JIT JA70 Shower Tray

In principle, you can use all types and sizes of tiles, special requirements for tiles and
mosaic thickness to be <25mm, and the size of the tiles and mosaic on the shower tray
must be ≥50 * 50mm. Otherwise, you should consult the manufacturer.

1.The floor drain is inserted into the waste pipe in regular way , which is already on site, and aligned centrally. For impact sound floor construction it is necessary to build in impact sound reducing material as well as flanking insulation strips.

2.The height offset from the upper edge of the drain to the upper edge of the screed is dependent on the size of the shower tray.

3.The cavity in the floor is filled out with a leveling screed (grouting plaster, quick-drying screed-ready-made mortar) or leveling filling, bound with cement , and then filled to the appropriate height offset to the screed is caused by the thickness of the shower tray .Alternatively,it can be leveled using the JIT BOARD base frame.

4.After the leveling screed has hardened, an appropriate adhesive(e.g.tile adhesive/flexible glue) is ap-plied all over the underside of the shower unit using a notched spatula.

5.Put the sealing washer on the top of drain body,then put shower tray on the floor.

6.Prepare all fitting accessories.

7.Connect the volute part to the floor drain body tightly with the wrench.

8.All butt joints are sealed with waterproof sealing tape using tile adhesive.

9.Put stainless support on the linear bottom and choose the right tile.

10.The linear shower tray is finished and can be tiled.


11.JIT Linear Shower Tray is applied in real-life scenarios.


②JIT waterproof sealing tape
③20/25/30/40mm shower tray
⑤JA70 floor drain
⑥Levelling screed
⑦Concrete floor

 Position:                                                    Normal Position:                                     Normal Position:

Centre drain A=1/2 length B=1/2 width     Offset drain A=450mm B=1/2 width          Corner drain A=B=260mm


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