This is the description of JA74 Pre-sloped Shower Tray
If you know wedi shower system, then you must know our floor level tileable shower tray.
The tileable shower tray is a low-cost, easy-to-install waterproof base. There is no other wetroom tray on the market that is as easy to install as the JIT shower tray.Our shower tray can be easily to install for waterproof, used in the design of a wetroom for the home and suitable to be fixed to both timer and concrete floor. The shower tray is easily cut into any size or shape and forms a floor level, barrier-free panel ready to receive tiles with a preformed slope to the drain.

Shower Tray System components

①Shower tray
②Drain body
③50 40mm Reducer
④Rubber O Ring
⑤Plastic Support
⑧Drain Basket
⑨Inlet with seal
⑪Riser Piece
⑫Stainless Steel Edge



Installation Information For Wooden Framework JIT JA74 Shower Tray Kit

In principle, you can use all types and sizes of tiles, special requirements for tiles and
mosaic thickness to be <25mm, and the size of the tiles and mosaic on the shower tray
must be ≥50 * 50mm. Otherwise, you should consult the manufacturer.

  1.Put shower tray in right position and mark a circle
along the hole of drain body. Recessing the floor to
receive the shower tray and drain.
  2.Coated with glue on drain body and connect
with water pipe.
  3.Measure and mark where your drain and waste
pipe will be fitted.Cut drain shape out of plywood
for waste,this should be 10mm higher than drain
body.Connect the drain body to the waste pipe
with solvent weld in the usual way.(Always check
for leaks before final installation of shower tray).
  4.Fix a batten below the top of the joists.
  5.Once you are satisfied with the
drainage,replace the plywood section around the
drain and fix all floor infills in position.
  6.Spread the adhesive evenly over the area
where the shower tray is to be installed,being
carefully to clean away any adhesive on the rim
of the trap.
  7.Level measurement of the surface is smooth.
  8.Fix the shower tray into positin.With a spirit
level,check that the edges of the tray are
level.Aslo you should use waterproof tape to
connect all joint and wall corner.When adhesive is
dry,now is ready to tilling.
  9.Seal all joints (both wall and floor) by JIT special
waterproof paint.
  10.Seal all corners of shower area by JIT
special inside corner .
  11.Then set the O-ring on Inlet with Seal and put
it in.
  12.If there's height difference between tile
and drain.
  13.Use the riser piece to balance the height
difference between tile and drain.
  14.The shower base is finished and can be

Installation Information For Concrete Floor JIT JA74 ShowerTray Kit

②JIT waterproof sealing tape
③20/25mm shower tray
⑤JA74 floor drain
⑥Levelling screed
⑦Concrete floor

 Position:                                                    Normal Position:                                       Normal Position:

Centre drain A=1/2 length B=1/2 width     Offset drain A=450mm B=1/2 width          Corner drain A=B=260mm




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