If you know wedi shower system, then you must know our floor level tileable shower pan.
The tileable shower pan is a low-cost, easy-to-install waterproof base. There is no other wetroom pan on the market that is as easy to install as the JIT shower pan.Our shower pan can be easily to install for waterproof, used in the design of a wetroom for the home and suitable to be fixed to both timer and concrete floor. The shower pan is easily cut into any size or shape and forms a floor level, barrier-free panel ready to receive tiles with a preformed slope to the drain.
Shower Pan System components

1.Drain Body(ABS or PVC)
5.Shower Pan
6.Height Adjustment Shim ( thickness1.5mm ) 
7A.Screw For Connection ( M6*29 ) .
7B.Short Or Long Screw For Height Adjustment Shim
(Please use these screws according to your requirement)
8.Plastic support 300/600/800mm length
9A.Stainless Steel Support 300/600/800mm length 
9B.Stainless Steel Grate 300/600/800mm length



Installation Information For JIT JA74LV Linear Shower Pan

In principle, you can use all types and sizes of tiles, special requirements for tiles and
mosaic thickness to be <25mm, and the size of the tiles and mosaic on the shower pan
must be ≥50 * 50mm. Otherwise, you should consult the manufacturer.

  1. Place the shower pan in designed position and mark a circle along the hole of drain body. Cut out a shape on the floor to install the shower pan. 
  2. Glue the upper diameter drain pipe and vertical drain body, press the vertical drain body to diameter pipe and seal both tightly. Choose the PVC or ABS drain body according to drain pipe material.
   3. Fasten the vertical drain body on floor with screws.
  4. Put O-ring into connection, fix the whole connection on shower pan backside with M6*29 screws.
  5. Trowel the thinset on both shower pan at designed position on floor with notch trowel. The thinset shall be minimum 0.12" higher than drain body.
  6. Use a gradienter to make sure that the shower pan is level, aplly weight(such as thinset bags) equally across the shower pan.
  7. Assemble other drain components.
  8. When grate is not tile on grate, adjust the height of stainless steel. suppot by height adjustment shims, each shim can increase 1.5mm. Choose short or long screw according to the total height of shims to fix the stainless steel support onto the plastic support of shower pan.

9. Installation of shower tray is completed , can do tiling now.
Installation Information For Wooden Floor 1-PLY floor board 18mm
2-Water-sealed Joint
3-Wooden keel wupport frame
4-Waterproof paint
5-Linear shower pan
6-Stainless steel grate
7-Drain body
9-Washer and screw
10-JIT backer board
11-Wooden wall construction
12-Floor joist

Installation Information For Concrete Floor


2-Waterproof paint
3-Linear shower pan
5-Drain body
6-Leveling screed
7-Concrete floor
8-Water-sealed Joint

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