This is the description of JA99 Floor Level Tileable Shower Pan
If you know wedi shower system, then you must know our floor level tileable shower pan.
The tileable shower pan is a low-cost, easy-to-install waterproof base. There is no other wetroom tray on the market that is as easy to install as the JIT shower pan.Our shower pan can be easily to install for waterproof, used in the design of a wetroom for the home and suitable to be fixed to both timer and concrete floor. The shower pan is easily cut into any size or shape and forms a floor level, barrier-free panel ready to receive tiles with a preformed slope to the drain.


components of tileable shower pan

①Shower Pan
②Shower Curb
③Outside corner waterproof tape
④Pipe Seal
⑤waterproof tape
⑥Floor drain body
⑦Floor drain connector
⑧Stainless steel grate
⑨Waterproof glue
⑩Mixing valve seal
⑪Inside corner waterproof tape
⑫Drain body waterproof tape


 How to Install the shower pan

1.Put shower pan in right position and mark a circle along the hole of drain body.


2.Cut along with the circle by cutting machine (note: should make sure that the "to-be-removed" area is big enough in order to convenient the connection of drain body and water pipe.

3.Spread adhesive evenly over the floor with toothed scraper,put shower tray onto the floor in right position.

4.Assemble drain parts, firm them by plaster a
layer of ahesive onto the circles(the part without
any coating) around drain postion of pan.

5.Connect drain body and water pipe by PVC special super glue.                                                                                

6.Palster the drain position surrounding of pan according to above drawing, firm a piece of JIT special.

7.Install shower curb onto the edge of pan by
adhesive, seal joints with modified waterproof PU

8.Install shower valve and shower pipe onto
shower wall, seal them by JIT special shower
valve sealer and pipe sealer.

9.Seal all corners of shower area by JIT special inside corner and outside corner.

10.Cut the adjustable neck of drain body to be right height according to tile thickness.

11.Seal all joints (both wall and floor) by JIT special waterproof tape.

12.The shower base is finished and can be tiled.        

A waterproof ,composite shower pan that is ready for tile and creates a required slope

Presloped,waterproof shower pan
-Made of high density extruded polystyrene
-100% closed cell structure,totally waterproof
-High compressive strength
-High moisture and chemical resistance
-Lightweight and durable
-Creates a code required slope


Save time and money
-Pre-applied waterproofing membrane
-No need to create a slope
-1-piece installation that is bond in place
-Tile diretly to shower base


Compatible with shower layouts and sizes
-Available in various sizes
-Compatible with a variety of the thickness of the tile
-Easily connects to 2“ or 3” waste line
-Easy cut to size


-Residential(new constuction or remodel)
-Commercial including:Hospitality,
educational,institutional and healthcare
-Barrier free showers

 Shower Pan Size

                      Item Size(Inch) Size(mm) Model No.
 JA99  Shower pan Centre Drain 36"x36"x1.5" 914x914x38 SP99CE3636
 JA99  Shower pan Centre Drain 36"x48"x1.5" 914x1220x38 SP99CE3648
 JA99  Shower pan Centre Drain 36"x60"x1.5" 914x1524x38 SP99CE3660
 JA99  Shower pan Centre Drain 36"x72"x1.5" 914x1830x38 SP99CE3672
 JA99  Shower pan Centre Drain 48"x48"x1.5" 1220x1220x38 SP99CE4848
 JA99  Shower pan Centre Drain 48"x60"x1.5" 1220x1524x38 SP99CE4860
 JA99  Shower pan Centre Drain 48"x72"x1.5" 1220x1830x38 SP99CE4872
 JA99  Shower pan Centre Drain 48"x84"x2" 1220x2134x50 SP99CE4862
 JA99  Shower pan Centre Drain 60"x60"x1.5" 1524x1524x38 SP99CE6060
 JA99  Shower pan Centre Drain 60"x72"x1.5" 1524x1830x38 SP99CE6072
 JA99  Shower pan Centre Drain 60"x84"x2" 1524x2134x50 SP99CE6084
 JA99  Shower pan Centre Drain 72"x72"x1.5" 1830x1830x38 SP99CE7272
 JA99  Shower pan offset Drain 36"x60"x1.5" 914x1524x38 SP99OF3660
 JA99  Shower pan offset Drain 36"x72"x2" 914x1830x50 SP99OF3672

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