This is the description of Waterproof Membrane
Product Description
JIT-WM waterproof membrane, the AAA grade waterproof material, consisting of PP/PE/PP layers. It is used for insulation from water and damp under ceramic tiles at bathrooms.

100% Waterproof
JIT-WM waterproof membrane 100% waterproof and high water pressure resistant.

Moisture Retardant
Thanks to its damp proof structure, it protects surfaces, where it is applied , from harmful effects caused by humidity and damp.

Easy to Apply
JIT-WM doesn't require any special equipment , products or even expertise to be applied.Heat or other toxic elements are not used for bonding.It is applied by using C2 class tile adhesive .

Due to the flexibility and elasticity of the membrane , it provides ease of application at hard workable corners ,floor and wall joints , tight angles. And it absorbs all structural movement without affecting the coating.

JIT-WM waterproofing membrane reduces the labor time compared to traditional liquid membranes that need days to dry before tiling application. It's  applied just one layer, does not need several layers to be applied .

Light weighted
JIT-WM is lightweighted waterproofing membrane which allows easy to handle and apply.

Packing & Delivery

Our factory

XuanCheng JIT New Material Co.,Ltd was founded in 2009,has been the leading manufacturer and innovator
of thermal insulation and waterproof industry.JIT offers architects, builders, and tile contractors a strong, light-
weight, waterproof and vapor-retardant tile backer boards for wet areas and underfloor heating.With its timely
delivery and high-quality products,JIT has got global reputation.B&Q,LEROY MERLIN, HOME DEPOT had very
positive comments to JIT products and service.

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