Self Adhesive waterproof insulation butyl rubber tape

Butyl tape is made of high quality butyl rubber. It’s widely used for construction joints which require waterproof and airtight seal, such as for the connection of corrugated roofing, automobile parts, steel boards, polycarbonate board etc.

The product has so high suitability that can meet water-proof requirements for joint of optical fiber cable, radio frequency co-axial cable coupling with mobile telephone network and for overhead feeder.

Tensile strength: 3.72N/10mm

Dielectrica strength: 15 kv/mm

Adhesion to steel, concrete: excellent


Product Introduction

Self Adhesive waterproof insulation butyl rubber tape


1. excellent self amalgamating and high adhesiveness

2. good compatibility with other material

3. easy to match various shaped surface

4. good water-proof property

5. UV- and ozone-resistant

used for telecommunication cables and connector to supply the function of waterproof and Moisture proof.

Metal pipeline corrosion protection

Shipping industry sea water-proof protection

sealing the hole of air-conditioning equipment

Used for cable accessory (cold or heat shrinkable materials),for insulation, filling and sealing.

Used for joints of the ends or middles of cables (10kV or high voltage of more than 10kV)

The mastic tape takes effect of electrical stress evacuation, insulation and filling the void.

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