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Benefits of using JIT board for floor heating:
1. Acts as a thermal barrier and significantly reduces heat loss to the substrate.
2. Transforms undertile heating into a very responsive and effcient system.
3. After weitching on your heating, your floor tiles will warm up in about 15-20 minutes, even on a cold concrete floor.
4. On a wooden floor, it has a 2 degree increase every 10 minuts from start up.
5. Ideal for use in wet areas, showers and bathrooms.
6. Shows excellent acoustic properties particularly in reducing footfall noise and the echo often associated with large tiled aress. JIT Insulation board can reduce sound by 20 decibels.
7. Can replace tile and slate underlay, providing the sub-floor is structureally sound and flat.
8. The boards are supplied in thicknesses ranging from 6mm-50mm depending on floor thresholds and your budget.

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JIT underfloor heating board is made of extruded polystyrene foam,coated with fiberglass mesh & thin cement polymer mortar both's 100% water-proof and vapor-retardant also thermal insulation widely used in the living room,bed room,bathroom,wet room,kitchen other interior housing underfloor heating insulation system.

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XPS Underfloor Heating Boards

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